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Consolidate, plan, report, and grow

Spend less time gathering and interpreting your financial information, and more time adapting to change. Sigma Conso’s Corporate Performance Management software is global, intuitive, and scalable to your organisation. Get more than a financial report – streamline your financial processes and analyses.

Financial Consolidation Software

Accelerate your close cycles and support better, more agile decision-making. Sigma Conso’s financial consolidation tool is easy to deploy and serves as a single source of truth with traceable, real-time data, dynamic reports and simulations.

  • Fast time-to-value with no need for IT or expensive consultants
  • Flexible, visual reporting that's easy to share with all relevant stakeholders
  • Supports multiple reporting standards, currency requirements, and languages

Intercompany Reconciliation Software

Automate one of the most time-consuming and painstaking financial processes. With real-time data, review, and approval for intercompany transactions and balances, the Sigma Conso intercompany reconciliation tool centralises your oversight while decentralising the process.

  • Fully integrated and interfaces directly with your other systems
  • Intuitive, centralised reconciliation process progress visualisation
  • Rapidly identify variances and their type

Planning Software

Run “what-if” scenarios, support strategic decision-making, and further standardise planning and reporting. Sigma Conso’s AI-powered budgeting and planning tool automates data collection and integration from your ERP, while eliminating labour-intensive, error-prone processes.

  • Flexible and easily deployable, with no need for IT or expensive consultants
  • AI- and Business Intelligence-based analytics to help drill down and reveal risks and opportunities
  • Scalable and agile, supporting top-down, zero-based, driver-based, or rolling forecasting

IFRS 16 Software

Manage your lease contracts and comply with the IASB’s new lease accounting standards with our IFRS 16 module. The integrated module interfaces directly with your ERP, manages your data, and allows you to model lease term simulations to measure the financial impact of your most important contracts.

  • High-performance management for large contract and transaction volumes
  • Create custom alerts and gain actionable insight to ensure comprehensive reporting
  • Reduce human error with automated recalculations and balance sheet adjustments

iXBRL Filing Module

Simplify your iXBRL filing with advanced, AI-powered auto-tagging, easy document output and version management, and collaborative review and validation. The Sigma Conso iXBRL module automatically includes the most current regulations and provides a roll forward feature for successive filings.

  • Sophisticated validation rules to ensure higher-quality data
  • Collaborative, cloud-based platform to allow seamless tracking and accountability
  • Seamless and transparent reporting process

Are you getting the most out of your financial operations?


Management reporting

Identify, monitor, and analyse finance-owned key performance indicators such as revenues, expenditures, and return on investment to provide actionable recommendations towards your organisation’s financial performance.


Strategic planning

Integrating intuition and AI-powered analysis, our platform allows you to benchmark your organisation against the competition to identify your relative strengths and weaknesses based on your Critical Success Factors and swiftly adapt to change.


Human performance management

Build intellectual capital and reach your targets in less time. By uncovering and analysing performance gaps and achievement, and planning future improvements, you can increase productivity, employee loyalty, and your return on equity.

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16 Finance Friendly

Finance friendly and fast time-to-value

Multiple language, currency, and reporting standards functionalities straight “out-of-the-box”, and fully customisable without the need for IT or expensive consultants. Process and reporting automation increase the finance team’s effectiveness and strategic value.

17 single source of truth

Single source of truth

Faster, more accurate, and greater insight with fully integrated systems, automated processes, and multilingual, multi-currency, multi-reporting standard functionalities. A single source of truth for your strategic and operational needs.

18 Collaborative and integrated

Collaborative and integrated

Scalable and agile platforms fully integrated with your ERP. AI- and Business Intelligence-based analytics to drill deeper into real-time and historical data. Model “what-if” scenarios quickly and iteratively, with report sharing to leverage the full power of your organisation.

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