IFRS 16 Software

An integrated solution for lease management and accounting standards compliance

  • End-to-end compliance

    The integrated module interfaces directly with your ERP and manages your lease contracts. The module is automatically updated with the most current IFRS 16 requirements, providing you with the peace of mind that your reports comply with the applicable regulations.

  • Accelerated monthly close

    Reduce human error, increase the quality of your information, improve efficiency, and transform your monthly close processes with data integrations, automated workflows, and automated reporting.

Collaborative, integrated lease accounting standards software

  • Automated compliance with IFRS 16 for an accelerated monthly close process
  • Flexible and easily deployable, with no need for IT or expensive consultants
  • High-performance management for large contract and transaction volumes
  • Create custom alerts and gain actionable insights to ensure comprehensive reporting
  • Minimise human error with automated recalculations and balance sheet adjustments
24 Support for Internal Controls

Support for internal controls

Automatically collect and manage your entire lease portfolio all in one place and in real time. Add transparency and quality of input with high-impact, visual, and easily shared reports.

  • Single source of truth for all lease management information, across all entities
  • Data entry validation and role-based access for higher-quality information and reporting
  • Comprehensive, real-time, and transparent audit trails
  • Minimise financial risk with a comprehensive view of all cost-driven data
9 Streamlined processes

Streamlined processes

  • Automated bulk upload and modification detection from your ERP, Excel, and PDF files
  • Simplified remeasurements and translation with automated right-of-use and lease liability adjustment
  • Multi-currency calculation and reporting
  • Custom alerts for lease expirations, key dates, or other necessary actions
39 Data Intelligence

Data intelligence

  • Automated borrowing rate charts and lease liability calculations to save time and reduce errors
  • Useful life and depreciation simulations to quantify the financial impact of your assets
  • Visual, BI-based analytics for high-impact presentations to internal and external stakeholders

The most advanced and secure technology

Sigma Conso’s solutions, developed with cutting-edge technology, are what enable us to offer the best financial consolidation software.

23 Technological Processes

You get the top technological processes

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft tools
  • Cloud-based or installed directly on your servers

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