Intercompany Reconciliation Software

Automate and decentralise your intercompany reconciliation process for faster, more accurate results

  • Efficiency

    Execute reciprocal transaction reconciliations at the individual subsidiary level while centrally managing the overall process. With increased progress visibility and custom reporting interfaces, the platform automates and unites interdependent tasks for greater operational efficiency.

  • Collaborate

    Accelerate, de-risk, and improve accuracy in your intercompany reconciliation process. The user-friendly, collaborative platform integrates seamlessly with other systems, quickly identifies account variances and types, and provides users with a clear overview of data, documents, and progress.

Automated, cloud-based intercompany reconciliation software

  • Single source of truth for your intercompany transactions and processes
  • Quick implementation with no need for IT or expensive consultants
  • Automated validation and matching rules to accelerate the approval process and reduce errors
  • Fully integrated and interfaces directly with your other systems
31 Decentralised Data collection

Decentralised data collection

Automatically record financial transactions across your various legal entities, while maintaining a centralised oversight over the process.

  • Continuous closing, throughout and independent of the consolidation process itself
  • Reciprocal transaction reconciliations posted at the individual subsidiary level
  • Centralised, intuitive reconciliation progress visualisation
32 Error free Data

Error-free data transfer

Use data integration to connect various systems into a single database and standardise your intercompany reconciliation process.

  • Data mapping, account hierarchies, reconciliation workflows, and security
  • Built-in validation rules and automated entry elimination
7 Customer Reporting Interfaces

Custom reporting interfaces

Easily share and tailor reporting packages to leverage the full power of your organisation and present a complete picture of your financial information

  • Intuitive user interface with centralised reconciliation status visualisation
  • Improved risk management and greater control with higher-quality information
  • Accelerated dispute resolution

The most advanced and secure technology

Sigma Conso’s solutions, developed with cutting-edge technology, are what enable us to offer the best financial consolidation software.

23 Technological Processes

You get the top technological processes

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft tools
  • Cloud-based or installed directly on your servers

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