Sigma Conso sponsors project Foodstep Uganda for the second time in a row

Sigma Conso sponsors project Foodstep Uganda for the second time in a row

Sigma Conso sponsors Foodstep Uganda for the second time in a row. Foodstep Uganda is a non-profit organization that takes care of children that are abandoned at the streets or at Kampiringisa, a prison for children.

The Foodstep project was founded by Nathalie Seliffet and Werner Steurbaut. They moved from Belgium to the Netherlands, to eventually move to Uganda in 2008, a country that was very dear to them. Once arrived in Uganda, they immediately got confronted with the distressing circumstances in Kampiringisa (a rehabilitation centre where children were abandoned and had to survive in the most appalling circumstances: isolation cells, torture, little to no hygiene, …).

Since that moment, Nathalie and Werner are committed to free children from the prison and offer them a better life. The children get an appropriate education, healthy food and psychological assistance for the personal traumas that they have suffered. Different activities are being organized during the days and the children learn to be fully independent. Since the start of the project, Foodstep has helped around 100 children and gave them a better hope on the future!

Nathalie and her team have also improved the situation at Kampiringisa, the children’s prison: torture doesn’t exist anymore, children get a proper education, an agriculture project is being set up, … The employees of Foodstep still go to the prison every week to ensure good relationships and possible evolutions.

Our colleague Anne Sieben came in contact with the Foodstep project via a friend and decided to help. Amongst others, she set up a project to raise money for different types of material that the organization needs (a water tank for example). Sigma Conso also jumped on the project by sponsoring material that was needed.

In December 2019, our colleague Anne, together with her friend Anne De Geyter, went to Uganda to volunteer at Foodstep Uganda. Our colleague helped to organize different activities for the children. Her friend, with a background as a nurse, gave a course on medical pedicure (which is highly needed in those countries because people don’t have footwear, or it is in a very bad condition) to 6 young people and continued to give a First Aid course.

Nathalie and her team in Uganda still have many future projects: they have bought a piece of land nearby and shortly want to open a resort with a beauty salon and a restaurant. This project will also help young people and offer them a better and more guaranteed future… We at Sigma Conso are proud to be able to contribute to this project!

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