Consolidated cash flow statement (1 day)

You'll learn to prepare a consolidated cash flow statement during this one-day module.

Training: Consolidated cash flow statement

Prepare statements of legal changes and the consolidated cash flow statement.

Training contents

  • The concept of flow and review of special cases: the impact of currencies, company mergers, the acquisition/sale of companies, intra-group asset transfers
  • The consolidated cash flow statement: presentation and contents, intra-group, fictitious and technical flows
  • Three methods to prepare a consolidated cash flow statement illustrated with three case studies: validation of the consolidated cash flow statement: the balance-flow matrix
  • Hands-on work during which attendees create a consolidated cash flow statement using different scenarios, including: percentage changes, company sale, change in consolidation method, acquisition of a company in currency and capital increase


€ 650 p.p. (VAT not included)

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Hans Devloo
Senior Consultant Sigma Conso


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