Training: Sigma Conso IFRS 16

Get trained and become fully independent to use Sigma Conso's software to manage your leasing contracts.

Training: IFRS 16 (1 day)

Does your company use the IFRS 16 software of Sigma Conso? Would you like to follow a training to acquire the necessary knowledge and be able to fully autonomously work with the tool? Sigma Conso organizes IFRS 16 training sessions on a regular basis and you can join now!

Content of the training

  • Introduction
  • General overview of the business content
  • IFRS 16 business cases review
  • Application structure, administration and data upload
  • IFRS 16 cases and exercices
  • Wrap-up and next steps

How to register for a training session?

These training sessions are organized on a regular basis, in different languages, for new customers. For existing customers, it is possible to join an existing session. We are also open to discuss your specific requirements and adjust the training to your needs.
Contact your local account manager or send an e-mail to to join one of those sessions!
Claudio Sampietro
FP&A Product Manager


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