Planning Webinar Series

Level Up Your Finance Game - A Webinar Series by Prophix

The secret to a successful finance function doesn’t involve hidden passageways or cheat codes.

Conquer your biggest challenges with practical advice on using technology to elevate your finance function from data-crunching to insight-led in our Level Up Your Finance Game webinar series.

How many webinar levels will you complete on your quest to become a finance champion?


✅ March 29th: Thriving in Uncertainty

✅ March 31st: Leveraging Automation to Succeed in FP&A

✅ March 31st: Move Your Forecasts from Excel Hell to Best in Class

✅ April 5th: The Better Way to Budget, Plan, and Report – Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

✅ April 8th: Pivot & Plan for Anything with Scenario Planning

✅ April 8th: Your Journey to Actionable Insights – Financial Reporting That Works for You

✅ April 12th: Unleash the Power and Potential of Prophix - Real Talk with Our Customers

✅ April 14th: Cash Flow Planning: Know Exactly Where Your Business Stands

✅ April 14th: Personnel Planning: Plan for Your Most Important Resource

✅ April 20th: How to Get Management Buy-In for Finance Innovation

✅ April 22nd: Building a Culture of Transformation

✅ April 22nd: Corporate Performance Management Powered by AI is Here!

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